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Eleanor is said to have been named for her mother Aenor and called Aliénor from the Latin alia Aenor, which means the other Aenor.It became Eléanor in the langues d'oïl of northern France and Eleanor in English.

Poitou, where Eleanor spent most of her childhood, and Aquitaine together were almost one-third the size of modern France.Their daughters were declared legitimate and custody was awarded to Louis, while Eleanor's lands were restored to her.As soon as the annulment was granted, Eleanor became engaged to the Duke of Normandy, who became King Henry II of England in 1154.In the spring of 1130 her four-year-old brother William Aigret and their mother died at the castle of Talmont on Aquitaine's Atlantic coast.Eleanor became the heir presumptive to her father's domains.In 1137 Duke William X left Poitiers for Bordeaux and took his daughters with him.

Upon reaching Bordeaux, he left them in the charge of the Archbishop of Bordeaux, one of his few loyal vassals.As Duchess of Aquitaine, Eleanor was the most eligible bride in Europe.Three months after becoming duchess upon the death of her father, William X, she married King Louis VII of France, son of her guardian, King Louis VI.Eleanor (or Aliénor) was the oldest of three children of William X, Duke of Aquitaine, whose glittering ducal court was renowned in early 12th-century Europe, and his wife, Aenor de Châtellerault, the daughter of Aimery I, Viscount of Châtellerault, and Dangereuse de l'Isle Bouchard, who was William IX's longtime mistress as well as Eleanor's maternal grandmother.Her parents' marriage had been arranged by Dangereuse with her paternal grandfather William IX.Eleanor had only one other legitimate sibling, a younger sister named Aelith, also called Petronilla.

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