Updating fascia

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I think we spent roughly $30 for the wood used to update our living room slide-out trim. The Living Room Slide-Out Moulding: While I love the look and smell of cedar I wanted the boards to be darker and seem more rustic so I dinged them up using a hammer, planer, nails, screws, and well just a bunch of random objects from our garage.

We installed the boards back onto the slide-out using the pre-existing screw holes.So while I would have loved to use reclaimed wood for our living room slide-out moulding, time was running out and I was getting impatient.Ultimately, we stopped by our local hardware store and purchased some cedar boards, which we had cut to size.As soon as we brought our RV home from the dealership I started brainstorming ways to incorporate rustic, reclaimed wood, without adding too much weight.One of my first ideas was to remove the RV slide-out moulding (fascia) and replace it with something more rustic.We plan to update the slide-out wood in the future but it’s been on the lower end of our priority list so we haven’t gotten around to it yet.

If I hadn’t used such a random stain mixture I could buy one new board and get it to match.

You can purchase moulding made specifically for RV’s, but we decided to replace ours with wood instead.

I originally considered using reclaimed peel and stick planks like those sold from Stikwood, Epic Artifactory, or East Coast Rustic, mainly because they’re generally pre-cleaned and planed down pretty thin which saves on weight.

Unfortunately, the other side seemed a bit more permanent.

Rather than just yank them off (let’s pretend we didn’t try this), we turned to our RV Facebook groups to see if anyone had suggestions.

I just wanted to make sure and mention this so you don’t make the same mistake we did… It’s just one of those detail things that irks me, especially when I take photos because I feel like it stands out even more in pictures. I really need to get some better straight on shots, but until then here’s a photo that shows the before and after of the living room slide-out.